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Nike is one of the biggest global companies. Recognized as a trend brand, Nike wants to be seen as a tech company and to hire persons that could work on google, facebook or another tech company.
I've worked on a research to understand what the potentials applicants expect from a hiring process and propose some solutions to improve the process and help to change the perception of Nike as a tech company.

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User Experience / User Interface


Hyper Island

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Project Manager / Designer


_ Disciplines

User Experience/ User Interface


Hyper Island (SWE)

_My role



_Understanding and defining the problem

In this project, the mission was to engage more talented people and create awareness that Nike is a good place to work. The first step was to understand the current flow of the hiring process and recognize some problems and focus in one solution to transform the experience of the candidate more smooth.


Using methods of research as interviews, benchmarking with the competitors, analyzing data collected, some problems were defined:
• The brand disconnect between jobs.nike.com and Taleo.
• No transparency throughout the entire process.
• Lack of motivation to continually engage with Nike as a
potential employer.
• There is little awareness of Nike as an employer of job
functions outside of Fashion & Athletics.

In this way, the focus question was defined:

"How might we create a candidate experience that rivals the NIKE consumer experience?"

Focus Question

"How might we create a candidate experience that rivals the NIKE consumer experience?"


After the research, some insights are collected to guide the solutions proposed: 

• Candidates want transparency when applying for a job.
• Candidates like personalization in the recruiting process.
• Candidates want a quick and seamless application

_Designing  design

It's time to start to design the solutions after all material collected at the first phase. It was decided that the focus would be on 2 problems:

 Taleo step: application spend approx. 45 min

Post application: the candidate doesn’t have answers how is your application


_ One Click Application

This solution was proposed to solve the Taleo problem, with a simple button, the applicant is redirected for a simple process that uses the information by LinkedIn and turns the process more simple. And the option to save jobs, if the applicant closes the browser, he can back to apply for your time.

Positive things on this simple solution:

_ It enables candidates to upload their information in one click.

_ It allows them to save job listings to their account.

_ It gives applicants the option to choose what type of material to submit — resumé, portfolio, or LinkedIn. 

_ It removes as many barriers in the application process as possible.

_ Menus are condensed, making navigation smoother and information easier to access.


_The Dashboard

Based on the insights that candidates desire transparency and personalization in the hiring process, the dashboard was developed as one platform to candidate monitors his application and receives feedback and tips to continue a good process. It's a simple solution that Nike can create a channel to connect with their future employees. 


In this project, taking stock of the initial problem and the proposed solutions, the points that were reached:

• The application process is shorter and simpler. 

• Transparency throughout the entire process.

• Real-time updates accessed through a comprehensive dashboard. 

• Now, there is a motivation to continuously engage with Nike as a potential employer.

The challenge, that I propose to myself as project manager, helps me to understand my needs and how to manage my team to get them to do their best in the job. Work in a horizontal structure, empower everybody and each one start the awareness of his paper on the process. 

Nike is in the process of implementing all of the suggested solutions. :)

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